The weapon of the enemy.

I am in fact three days late on this post. Only because I was slowly, but surely compiling my thoughts on this mess of a tragedy altogether. I wanted to express my feelings in a calm manner and organize it completely to be typed out and understood on this late night while The White Stripes blares in my ears and I am feeling okay.

Okay, For about a year now, even way before, fans of the Batman franchise, have been awaiting the third movie of it’s recent trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, which has been way different compared to the past movies directed by Tim Burton and whatnot, you can see the difference clearly, darker and less cartoonish. The series did not skyrocket until the second movie, The Dark knight which was Heath Ledger’s final movie before death, as he took the role of The Joker… Some say that preparing for the role drove him mad as he had overdosed on pills and he killed himself. Correct me if I am wrong, oh readers. The movie was remarkable, I recall seeing it in theaters with a past boyfriend, and loving the different traits in The Joker’s character, being a Batman fan myself. We are then, years later, graced with the news of the third and final movie, The Dark Knight Rises, which features villains such as Bane and Catwoman. 

Now for loyal fans, this was a great thing! When films are aware of great followings for movies such as these, they knows that the loyal fans will be the first ones rushing into the theater, (Some even cosplaying various characters) waiting to view this film before anyone else in a midnight screening. I wanted to do this, However, I had no one to join me and school the next day. Therefore, I had stayed home. However, this is not about me, you know clearly what this post is about. At a midnight showing in Aurora, Colorado… The Unthinkable occurred. While happy and eager fans were viewing said movie, a man came into the theater and wreaked havoc, shooting any one in the theater. 

From what I am understanding, the man, James Holmes walked into the theater as a normal person (seemingly!), acted as if he had a call on his cell phone and walked into the emergency Exit at the front of the theater, and moments later, came in dressed in all black and began to shoot at the patrons in the audience. It has been said that he had began shooting during a “shoot out scene” in the movie, confusing everyone and having them think that it was the special effects before inhaling the tear gas. 14 were killed and 40+ people were injured. Some were even killed attempting to save their significant others. When Holmes was arrested, he referred to himself as The Joker, a villain in the franchise and informed the police about explosives in his home, causing the FBI and whatnot to rush there in the nick of time. We will get back to Holmes later.

I remember my reaction to all of this, sitting in my living room speechless as I ate breakfast before school in the morning, watching Good Morning America. I was stunned and confused as to what had happened, and was left with questions, Who would do this and why? They kept showing the raw cell phone clip of people screaming and escaping the theater, you can hear it all within the clip. I recall going to school that day, just not wanting to deal with anyone who would say anything stupid. And as soon as it was brought up, someone did. Saying it was the Spider-man movie (LOL) and saying that Holmes as trying to re-enact the movie. I cleared this up with the broad within seconds.

From what I am understanding about Holmes is that he had a PHD, and was one hell of a smart kid… Shy as well. For being heavy into science, it was very clear that he knew what he was doing when it came down to the explosives and whatnot, knew what exact chemicals would cause it to occur, etc. This ties into movie re-enactment. In The Dark Knight, The Joker blows up a hospital. Holmes called himself The Joker.

Other ways that identify that he had this planned was the Adult Friend Finder page of his, no facebook or twitter, just this. His status line read “Will you visit me in prison?” as he had colored his hair bright, Hayley Williams orange and was growing facial hair. Judging by his eyes in the other picture they had of him that was NOT his mugshot, that it was him, he had a lazy right eye and they were grey, which is very evident in the photos. This is all that I have found of him so far.

This reminds me very much of Virginia Tech; both Cho and Holmes were smart, and had developed a plan here. But right now, there’s no motive that is clear for Holmes Actions. Cho’s was right off of the bat as he recorded videos of himself, talking about how he had claimed himself to be a hero to those who were bullied. I often felt bad for Cho, the Columbine kids, and those similar, I was a victim of bullying, still am. I don’t know how I tolerate it. But it is rather tragic that individuals like this were driven to this point. Bullies should learn well from this and get off of their high horses, they often wonder why it happens this way. But however, when they posts things about “how bullying is wrong” I see them as hypocritical, for it is no question that they will go back to their ways. Maybe Holmes was bullied? But take it out on innocent people during a film? I’m not sure.

This all frightens me even more… It’s why we cannot have nice things like this. What does the future hold? Will there be metal detectors in the movies now? Will there still be midnight showings? Will people even leave their houses for a good night that could risk the chance of them being harmed? We are unsure of what the future holds. Holmes has possibly brought fear into the theater, he was the villain and the enemy.

My condolences go out to those who have lost someone during this tragedy, it is hard to lose someone in a sudden way, I am aware. I hope they are grieving peacefully without the news up their asses. I hope Holmes suffers a great consequence and joins people like Francisco Cruz and others…. In their own personal hell.

Until next time.

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